This blog is inspired by three great women in my life:

My grandma, Ethel Ruth, who always had fresh baked cookies waiting for me upon each visit, helped me assemble my first recipe box, and forced me to finish my meatloaf with chunky  green peppers. I know she would love this blog as she loved me. My grandmother was apologetically affectionate and opinionated.

My mom, Marline, who inspired my blog title, Chickadoos. She often called my twin and I  a derivative of the word, “chick”, something she was called from her own grandmother, and something which continues to warm my heart everytime I hear it. Being called a chickadoo reminds me that to someone, I’m still a little girl loved purely and unconditionally. My mom is strong, independent, and despite being foremost a mom, she has never lost sight of herself and her own interests. I love her as my mother and enjoy who she is as a friend.

My twin, Rebecca Nancy, who swears I’m the greatest cook, always encourages me to be me, and as my best friend, will enjoy this blog more than anyone. My twin is honest, loyal, 100% on my side, and is completely herself more than anyone I know.

Inspired by these women, I’m starting a blog to express myself through food.  Food is dear to me as it connects all people. I love connecting with ones love and those I don’t even know.  To me, the hardest part of cooking  is to think of what to make for three meals a day and remembering what worked and what didn’t. So, I’m posting all my good recipes to keep as a record for myself and anyone else interested.





  1. I love you and your entire family. The planet is a better place because of you. Breed us some more! Love the blog; I am officially hungry.

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