Brownie Cookies

Recipe from Ghiradelli Brownie box. No recipe and no picture…but they are good and definitely should be tried when looking for a quick dessert:)

I usually can resist multiple cookies in one day, but I can not with these. So…be forwarned, these are delicious and irresistable. You should definitely have someone in mind to give half of these away to before you make them. And don’t give them to anyone on a diet…people do that and it’s just so wrong!

Mae and I did some quick out-of-the-box “cooking” and made the recipe on the side of teh Ghiradelli brownie box. The cookies are less chewy than the brownies, but they are dangerously delicious. They don’t last too long though…maybe 2-3 days.

I threw out the box so you will have to look it up yourself:(


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