National Museum of the American Indian Cafe

There is no food on the downtown mall. It can be quite frustrating when you are exhausted and starving from a long day of walking. The best thing to do in the situation is to have prepared a bag lunch ahead of time to eat on the mall or GO TO THE NATIVE AMERICAN MUSEUM! Their cafeteria¬†has amazing native american food. It can get expensive, like $20.00 a person in a jiffy, but it is worth it. Jeff and I have been three times. This time, we got…

buffalo chili
blue corn bread
large white bean salad
asparagus salad in vinaigrette
thick green bean salad

There were ingredients in all the side dishes that I didn’t even know what they were. They were delicious! The side dishes are the best thing to get, truly and they have a deal where you can get like 4 sides for $15.00. I would recommend that. Everyone tends to go toward the taco line.

This last time we went, there were numerous outdoor displays. One was a smoking salmon next to a fire on a stake. They let people try it for free! It was the best salmon I have ever had. I wish I could have bought that. I was definitely inspired to stake whole salmon by the fire when I own a house one day.

The Native American Museum is a great museum that you should go to anyway. It’s also close to other great things like the BOTANICAL GARDENS and the AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM! Check it out.

smoked salmon

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