Mojito Cafe at Virginia Beach

The food at Virginia Beach is really nothing great to report on. There are a bunch of beautiful resturants on the oceanfront that are lovely lovely lovely to sit at for a meal, but the food isn’t great. Jeff and I found that it was worth a poor meal for the beautiful view.

There was, however, one place that was well reviewed by Yelp called Mojito Cafe. This is two blocks off the boardwalk, but definitely worth it. Mojito Cafe is a small latin american restuant, specializing in cuban food. The mojitos are suppose to be amazing, but we didn’t get one…noon was too early for us:) We got two sandwiches, The Cuban and another shredded pork filled goodness sandwich served with tostones and mofongo. This was by far the best food we ate and the cheapest! The meat was oozing out of the sandwiches. It was flavorful but subtle. It was authentic, in food and atmosphere. The kind of place you would want to own.

Keep a few things in mind, it’s only open for dinner everyday of the week. It is open for lunch and dinner on the weekend. It’s small and gets crowded, so get there early. And…for families, they only have one high chair.



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