Fresh Peach Cake

Taken straight from Ina Garten’s recipe for Fresh Peach Cake:

Sorry I’ve been away but the Todd family has been crazy busy. Mae has a stomach issue which means she is eating toast and rice, Jeff is out of town, which means I happily make macaroni and cheese and ramon noodles…Iand between, twin visit, a weekend wedding away, and grad. school assignments, I’ve been too busy to post:(

Anyway, two weekends ago, Jeff, Mae and I went to Balitmore to have a food and baseball filled weekend. Unfortunately, I got sick on Friday night. We still went, but food wasn’t really on the list of things to do. I felt terrible to bring the trip down to a blah blah trip so I decided I would make up for it by making Jeff a fresh peach cake. Peach cake is apparently a thing in Baltimore and we didn’t get it:( But…I think mine was just as good as Baltimores would have been. Just be careful not to overbake the cake. It can be hard to test it for doneness as the peaches give it a gooey texture.

Peaches are in season  and at my farmers market they are perfect right now. I bought like 8 peaches on Sunday and we’ve used them all up by Tuesday. Oh…peach season…I love you:)


  1. Just catching up on your blog and found this. Emily and I are making this for Dan tomorrow as a surprise. Can’t wait.

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