Cantlers in Annapolis…CRABS!

This is our second time visiting Cantlers for their crab. It’s just outside of Annapolis and it’s worth the drive:)

I grew up eating crab. My grandparents lived in South Carolina. For every visit, we would bait crab pots, get the crab, cook them, shell them and eat them. My grandmother always cleaned the legs and bodies so we didn’t have to deal with the guts, etc…I recently realized this when I was struggling with how to open up the crab:) I’m grateful for my grandparents and always putting out the effort to get me and my siblings crab. Everytime I eat crab, I think of them. I hope to pass down the love of crab to Mae.

Reasons to go to Cantlers:

1. There crab is awesome. I got a half-dozen extra-large crabs for $45.00. I ate 5 and felt sick I was so full! They serve medium and large crabs too. They have jumbo when they have them.

2. Great kids menu. Mae got a great grilled cheese served with a ton of asparagus. You can also choose fruit or french fries for the side.

3. OUTDOOR seating on the water. They have about 6 long picnic tables outside under cover and about 12 tables in the sun with an umbrella. There is indoor seating too. The parking can be a problem…they have a parking attendant to help, but its best to beat the good table and parking crowds and go at a bit of an off hour. We go there at 11:10 a.m. and it was perfect!

4. The other food is good too. Jeff got the crab cakes this time and said they were “all crab”.

5. You are in Annapolis now and you can enjoy all the great things there. We had come from the BEACH…a.k.a the state park along the Bay Bridge. We spent 2 morning hours in the sand and water with Mae. She loved it.

Cantlers is a great place. The food is simple, good, casual and great if you love seafood or crabs!


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