Rappahannock Coffee on Columbia Pike

I looked online and our beloved coffee shop has quite the mixed reviews, so I thought I would review it myself.

First of all, this coffee shop is an easy walk from our house, therefore, making it instantly the best coffee shop ever. There is nothing better than being walking distance to coffee. When Jeff and I first moved to Columbia Pike, however, we didn’t frequent the shop. I wasn’t crazy about the baked good selection. After living next to an amazing bakery in Boston, its hard to like anything in comparison. But, truthfully, their baked goods aren’t the best. That is not why you go to Rappahannock.

The main reason to go, is to support the local coffee shop and all it lovely personality. The second reason is because the people are great. The owners, a husband and wife, seem a bit overwhelmed at times. They pretty much stay downstairs prepping, I imagine, or roasting the coffee, but when things get busy, they come up and help. They are lovely though and I am happy to support them. Even better than them is the three person staff. The two women that cover the morning shifts, are so lovely to me, Jeff and especially Mae. Each interaction starts with a high-five for Mae and them talking about her outfit, teeth, anything new. I love this because I simply like them as people, but also because it makes me feel like I belong to the community. Thirdly, the coffee is good. I like their dark roasts, honey vanilla latte, and my favorite is the soy cappuccino. As I said before, the baked goods are mediocre…not bad, but nothing great. The lunch, however, is pretty good. A friend of mine, loved the Portobello Panini. Concerning their remaining items, ice cream and smoothies, I’ve never tried them, but I’ve never seen anyone order them either?

Rappahannock is a great local coffee shop. Its authentic and a family favorite on Columbia Pike.



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  1. I’m glad you reviewed this place, I always wonder about it when we drive by. Our last apartment was literally across the street from a cute local coffee place….and I loved that. Now our closest walkable coffee shop is Starbucks, eww.

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