Northside City Social

A few things about my visit to Northside City Social:

1. It’s in North Arlington and feels like it.

2. Its crowded.

3. They have house made dessert and pastries…lots of them! It was very difficult to decide what to get!

4. I tried the Chunky Monkey Scone and it was very flavorful. I loved the large sugar crystals on top. It tasted a lot more like a biscuit than a scone though. I liked it, but, just sayin. It even came apart like a biscuit. The Chunky Monkey scone had good chocolate, banana, pecan flavor. Neither one stood out too much…they blended very nicely together. Personally, I would have liked larger chocolate and pecan bites. Needless to say, it was homemade and good. I would go there again and order it again. Next time, however, I think I would prefer to go after dinner in Clarendon. It’s probably less crowded than and I can get a gooey looking cookie without much guilt.

5. I am still loyal to the Java House further down on Wilson Blvd. It is less commercial and crowded. Its personal, good, and more authentic. If I remember correctly, they buy their baked goods from someone else  but they were still really good.


One comment

  1. I think the Java House was recently re-named…I could be mistaken though…one nice thing about Northside is all the wine 🙂 You should try checking it out during the day once, def. won’t have the same crowds….coffee+book+scone=happy morning.

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