Barrel Oak Winery (dog friendly)

Last weekend, we met my dad and stepmom at Barrel Oak Winery. It is a dog and kid friendly vineyard in Delephane, VA just off of Rt. 66.
Jeff and I really enjoyed it and wondered why we don’t go to vineyards more often. I guess because they are so far from Arlington. However, I really felt like this was a great winery and totally worth reviewing. It has a beautiful view, tons of picnic tables on the hillside, tables inside and on a large patio, and guest are allowed to bring their own food and DOGS! A few added details:

1. There were dogs everywhere…tied up to picnic tables, in the tasting room and everything:) The vineyard encourages dogs to come.

2. Speaking of dogs, the tasting menu was two-fold (B.O.W for Barrel Oak Winery and W.O.W for I don’t know what?). The full tasting of B.O.W. and W.O.W was $10. It was a tasting of 9 different wines. I’m not crazy about Virginia wine but these were good. But…in my opinion, you go for the experience, the view, and the community more than for their wine.

3. Bring your own food. People did not mess around. Some people has McDonald’s on a blanket, some had hummus and crackers, and some people had a massive spread of spiral ham and sides.  But…if you forgot your food there is no need to worry. The vineyard offers a few items like hummus and crackers and they also allow a woodfire pizza vendor to sell pizza on the side of the vineyard. While I didn’t try it, it looked really good.

I was really impressed with the whole experience. I felt like the vineyard wants city folk to come out with their whole families and enjoyed the countryside and good wine. They aren’t pretentious or trying to take every penny from you. Check it out:)



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