Market Salamander

Jeff and I went to Market Salamander in Middleburg, VA during our Mother’s Day weekend. It was a great experience and i would definitely recommend checking it out next time you’re in Middleburg:

We bought dinner items, placed them in a cooler and ate them at the cabin later that evening. It was expensive food, especially for a little take-out counter, but it was worth the money and DELICIOUS! It was better than most restaurant food and it was chilled and microwaved for re-heating.

We ordered the salmon which had this flavorful mediterranean salsa over it. The salmon was thick, perfectly cooked, and extremely moist. Our sides were cheddar grit cakes, and sautéed spinach. The cheddar grit cakes were AMAZING. They were creamy, flavorful, and the perfect texture, not too wet, not too dry. Lastly, the sautéed spinach was different from the typical garlic and white wine wilted spinach. It was crunchy, slightly wilted and blended with mushroom goodness.

I would definitely order from Market Salamander again, even for a special occasion at home. Perfect place for a guy to “make” a “home cooked” meal:)


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