Spice Station

While visiting my brother in California a month ago, he took me to a popular spice shop in Silver Lake called Spice Station. He wanted to take me since  I have a food blog and all:) It was a little posh hipster spice store…totally cool and made me feel like a real cook. However, while I peeked at all the spices and attempted to pronounce them, I thought, at what point in my cooking adventure is going to a spice shop not completely intimidating? On one hand, I feel good when I have heard of and cooked with a spice that I spot. On the other hand, I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of cooking, I’m not remotely interested in trying something new, and all I can think is when and how am I going to use this stuff?

Result of my visit: I bought some hot curry for my oldest brother that loves to cook, like me:) And yes, I like that we have that in common, mainly because I still and will always be a little sister admiring and wanting to be like my older brother.  I also bought something for myself, RAS EL HANOUT. What is that? I have no idea. I will have to look it up because it doesn’t come with any sort of ideas of what to cook it with. I remember that it is a rub, good on pork and chicken and that it is curry-like. I think Moroccan, but I’ll have to look it up. I have some split chicken breast I think I will try it on. Tomorrow though, tonight Mae and I are going out to my other brother’s house for Roba’s birthday!!!! Yay for nephews and cousins! And someone else cooking:) And birthday dessert:)

Anyway, this post is to remind all the cooks out there that even us food bloggers are majorly intimidated and have no clue what we’re doing. It all about simply doing it, mistakes and successes alike.

I’m curious though, what’s your favorite spice? Going to the Spice Station made me realize that I need to branch out and introduce myself to some new spices.

My favorites: Cumin, kosher salt and dried jalapeno flakes:) Mm….makes me think of chili!



  1. You amaze me! I think I’ll definitely try to seek out something new. Coincidentally enough though…I just spent a half hour yesterday online looking for the perfect storage solution for my spices, although I couldn’t seem to find one.

    Not sure if it’s my Type A, everything has to look pretty mind-set, or if truly, nothing seemed to really be a “solution.” I was thinking of transferring them all into glass spice jars (as they’re all so randomly sized) and was hoping to find something creative like you’d see in Real Simple magazine or on Pinterest (hmm…maybe I should check there?). I’ll take any suggestions though! 🙂

  2. Yes. I love to cook as well. But unlike my little sister I don’t have lots of meals I do, just a few I continue to tweak and tweak and tweak some more. I may have made my best batch of collard greens last week in Austin while visiting my friends Nikki and Brian. . The tweak this time was adding a touch of curry powder and some of nikki’s famous Buffalo sauce. But I have to admit that my favorite spice is still Garlic Salt!

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