Chicken Stew (with biscuits)

I was really craving some hearty chunky homemade chicken pot pie. Since Chicken Pot Pie is horrible for you, I decided to make my own, without cream and without pie crust. I added a side of homemade biscuits (see link at the bottom of the post). It was so yummy and even better leftover! This is totally becoming a family staple:)

6 boneless chicken thighs
1 cup white wine (pinot nior)
2 cups chicken stock
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 cup baby carrots, whole
4 stalks celery, chopped
1 pint bella mushrooms, sliced and halved
1 cup frozen peas
1/2 cup whole milk
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
salt and pepper
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped

Combine the first 7 ingredients into a crockpot. Set on high and cook for 4 hours. Turn the pot to low.  Remove 1 cup of cooking liquid, mix in 1/4 cup flour and 1/2 cup milk. Return to crockpot. Add salt, pepper, and parsley. If you want it to be even thicker, repeat the flour step, without the milk.

Biscuits were made from the following recipe. I used whole wheat flour:)

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