Black-Bottom Cupcakes

Recipe directly from

Welcome back to me:) Mae and I are back on our feet after a terrific trip to LA and Santa Barbara. We also stopped in at the Clydes to babysit while my brother traveled to Ethiopia to get his adopted son:) We are officially back on our feet, and therefore back to cooking. This recipe, I made before we lef, for a friends birthday dinner. I halved the recipe to help us all resist eating seconds, thirds and fourths and I guess, I’m ultimately glad I did. These cupcakes were the best cupcakes! I could have eated 5 and will definitely be making them for my own birthday or my mom’s birthday which is coming up!

The cupcakes were chocolatey, but not too rich. They have a cream cheese filling which is moist, but not too sweet. Then, the best part is the chocolate chip chunks in the cream cheese filling. These cupcakes are the perfect balance, they don’t have frosting, but none is needed. Just give them a try and you’ll be happy you did.



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