Help me! (with creamer)

As a stay-at-home mom with a daughter that wakes up at 6 a.m., I drink coffee every morning. According to an article posted at our local coffee shop, coffee is actually good for you! But…I’m reminded that this is only true if you drink it black. Which I do not! (except with sweet dessert on a special evening). I have a problem: I love coffee, but I love the bad creamers. I need help finding a solution so I can keep my coffee drinking habit and not be causing cancer.

My current creamer of choice, as seen above, contains vegetable oil and cornstarch solids, along with many other unknown ingredients.

A few things to consider when helping me:

1. I like my coffee HOT! Liquid creamers have to be refrigerated and cool down my coffee too much. Also, you have to put a lot in to get a lot of flavor.

2. Speaking of flavor, I like vanilla.

3. I would prefer low-fat, but I would rather have real ingredients than low-fat ones (hence my need for help)

That’s pretty much all my requirements. Suggestions, anyone?



  1. Bethany,
    I feel your pain! I LOVE Coffee-mate (original, not the foo foo flavored stuff) in my coffee (“extra bold” Gold Coast “Morning Joe” from Starbucks). To make matters worse, I brew the coffee extra strong at home and add a good bit of Splenda! The Splenda is not suppose to be good for you either. So I have double trouble. Like you, I enjoy the coffee “black” when eating something sweet along with it. So, maybe the answer is: always eat something like coffee cake or danish every morning! That might solve the problem if I didn’t drink my average 6 cups per day and didn’t need to lose 30 pounds!!! Let me know what you find out.

  2. This might be a bit involved, but since you like being in the kitchen anyways, what about getting an espresso maker or some sort of small kitchen appliance that lets you steam milk or half and half, and then add a dash of pure vanilla extract to it? might be worth the extra bit of time to get non-chemical-filled creamer, etc. and still have hot milk in your coffee.

  3. My feeling is, the damage you do to your body with sugar isn’t nearly as bad as the damage you do with fake sugar, so just use the original stuff and try to limit it to a smaller portion. Studies with rats have shown that the rats who ate real sugar felt satisfied and continued on to eat normal portions of their regular food whereas rats who ate fake sugar continued to binge all day because the fake stuff didn’t satisfy them. I do this with soda – I used to drink diet coke and I would end up buying it and ordering it a lot because I thought, “yay! 0 calories”. But then I decided it’s not worth putting something so bad for you into your body just to lose a few pounds so I decided that if I was going to order soda it couldn’t be diet. Now I’m much more likely to order water or unsweetened iced tea because I don’t want to fill up on empty soda calories, and when I do order soda it doesn’t taste like battery acid (give up diet for a month and you’ll be appalled by the flavor). Think about it- why are we willing to give up something that causes us to gain weight and replace it with something that causes cancer? If a healthy lifestyle is the goal shouldn’t we give up both? Or at least the cancer-causing one?

  4. Hey Bethany,

    I stumbled across your blog via facebook, your recipes are great! For my coffee in the morning I use evaporated milk, which is actually pretty low in fat, low in chemicals. Not to mention it is super cheap! I usually use one of those cheap milk frothers that you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond to froth the milk up a bit before adding my coffee. Makes a nice little home latte.

    1. I’m seriously going to check out a milk frother! Evaporated milk is a GREAT idea. I have to personally stick to soy…should have added that to my list of needs:) Thanks, Nina. Its great to hear from you and I appreciate you checking out my blog:)

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