Valentines Day Sugar Cookies

I used The Best Rolled Sugar Cookie’s recipe from

The cookies turned out like thick perfectly expected sugar cookies. For the frosting I whipped up a quick unmeasured concoctions of butter, powdered sugar and a little bit of milk and vanilla.

My mom use to make these valentine heart cookies with our names on them. I loved that my name was on the cookie. It ensured that no one would eat my cookie, which in a large blended family of 9 could be likely (I’m remembering my brothers eating my easter basket of candy because it was left in front of the t.v.) or because it meant someone remembered me specifically and did something with me on their mind. Either way, I loved them and wanted to pass on the tradition in my own little mini family. One thing I realized…they were a lot more work than I knew. Thank you, Mom, for all the hard work you put into those cookies! I appreciate them now!

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