Penguin Cupcakes

The week before Christmas, I babysat my nieces and nephew so my brother and sister-in-law could go to Ethiopia to meet their new son. The requested fun activity was decorating cupcakes, since the Monster Cupcakes were so fun the last time. These cupcakes were easier, less mess and even cuter. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed decorating and eating them!

One of my nieces, Ryan, wrote out all the directions for a class assignment. I wish I could copy it for my post. That would make it a lot easier. Great work on that writing assignment, Ry.

Chocolate cupcakes (made from a box)
1 can white frosting
candy eyes (I bought mine from Target)
1 box mint fudge cookies
1 bag orange candy

Frost a cupcake with white frosting. Meanwhile, cut cookies in half and orange candies into small pie slices. Place 1 half of a cookie at the top for the head and 2 half in the middle for the body. See the picture above for exact placement. Then place the orange slices on under the head for the nose and under the body for the feet. Using frosting, place 2 eyes on the head.



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