Lobster Birthday Dinner

Forgive me for my absence last week. It seems that watching 4 nieces and nephews and my 10 month old baby and writing a blog is too much. Unfortunately, the blog suffered:)

Anyway, last week, celebrated Jeff’s birthday with a lobster dinner…they were on sale. I served them with butter and sweet potato chips, salad, bread, and coconut custard tartlets with strawberries and chocolate. Happy Birthday Jeff!

If you like lobster…cook with it, especially when its on sale. Its way easier than you think. See below:


I buy frozen or thawed lobster tails. I would love to cook them alive but Jeff refuses to help me murder them and I’m a little nervous to do it alone for the first time. It will happen one of these days:) Place your lobster in boiling water for 1-2 minutes depending on size. Remove from the water. Using kitchen shears, cut the hard shell from the head to the tail, right down the middle. Separate the lobster into 2 halves, pour a little melted butter over the meat and serve. Continue to cook the shells in the cooking water for lobster/seafood stock. Its great for jumbalya or risotto or soup!


  1. Bethany-

    So inspired that you cooked lobster for Jeff’s birthday! It reminds me of summertime where my parents live in coastal Maine. I have been boiling freshly caught live lobsters my whole life. I’m pretty sure Doug can echo similar memories. Let us be the reason you someday cook live lobsters at home! The trick is to stand them on their heads for a few minutes before plopping them in the water; it hypnotizes them : )

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