Lunch Review: Virtue in Old Town Alexandria

Grandpa and I went to the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria to see Jessica Todd’s (my sister-in-law) art work on display and to have lunch out on the town. We went to Virtue Feed and Grain: They boast that their ingredients are “fresh, farm and real food”. And so it seemed. I got the Pope’s Lunch for $8.50. Look how much food I got! The quality and quantity surpassed my expectations. I go a huge sandwich, a basket of fresh chips and a small salad. The sandwich was loaded with freshly shaved prosciutto, arugula, creamy mozzarella and topped with them balsamic mixture goodness. IT was served on the perfect bread that was rustic, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Based on this dish and the spicy 4 piece deviled egg appetizer, I would totally go again. And to think…I could have spent the same amount of money at Panera, down the street.

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