Monster Cupcakes

Photography by my niece, Madison Clyde. Thanks, Maddie:)

Jeff and I babysat our 3 nieces and nephew last weekend. Since it was near Halloween, we decided to make fun cupcakes. After looking through a cupcake book at Micheals, we decided to make these Monster cupcakes. With a few adaptations, this is what we came up with. I say, it’s always great when you can eat your craft. Cooking with kids is so much fun. Get messy and lick your fingers!!!

BTW…I don’t like cupcake shops. Homemade cupcakes, even from a box, are way better! These were cute, fun, and delicious dessert for my nieces and nephews that I’m sure will guarantee they will want their Aunt Bethany to come back again:)

1 box cake mix and ingredients on the box
1 can frosting
pastry bag
smallest circle tip (size 1)
dum dum lollipops
chocolate chips
food coloring
peach-o’s (the sour candy rings)

Make cupcakes according to the box. Dye frosting the color of your choosing. Using a knife, spread a thin layer of frosting on top of the cupcake. Then, using the pastry bag, pip crazy spaghetti-like strands of frosting all over the top! Peal the wrapper off of two dum dums. Stick them into the cupcakes for Monster Eyes. Squeeze two peach-o’s around each dum dum. Pipe a small dot of frosting on the dum dum. Place a chocolate chip in the center of the dum dum. The girls used frosting to make mouthes for the monsters, but next time, I would buy the stringy liquorice and us that to make silly mouthes.



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