Taste of DC 2011 & Lobster Rolls

Mae and I met Jeff for lunch on Columbus Day. We walked to the Taste of DC to try some new DC restaurant foods. I was anxious to try the well-reviewed Lobster Roll from Luke’s Lobster (http://www.lukeslobster.com/) For 5 tickets, we got a mini lobster roll. It was the best lobster roll I’ve ever had  in the Washington Metropolitan area. It totally reminded me of the best Lobster Roll EVER at Red’s Eats on the way into Booth Bay, Maine, my 3rd year wedding anniversary trip to see whales:) The most important information about the Luke’s Lobster Roll: There was like half a lobster on the little mini sandwich. I was very impressed with how much meat I got:)

The other food tried at the Taste of DC is what you would expect. It was good, but forgettable. The Lobster Roll, however, it’s definitely worth the money and effort to hunt down the restaurant in Penns Quarter and get a full size roll. I recently made my own lobster rolls for company. It was easy! I went to Giant and got some frozen lobster tail, because its the cheapest and really, you can’t tell the difference between that and Whole Foods version here in the Northern Virginia area. I defrost the meat, boiled it for like a hot two seconds (2 minutes…don’t overcook!!!!) and served it with a toasted  hot dog roll, meat, and butter. It was delicious and significantly cheaper than buying it, but I plan on making the trip to Luke’s for their lobster roll.

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