Fall Beer Tasting

Jeff and I had a few friends over for a fall beer tasting. In included the following:
6 fall beers, Phillies sad and final game of the Series, failed candied walnuts, homemade pizza,
a forgotten salad, brie, pumpkin bread, presence of the missing candle, prize pumpkin and beer,
literary genius, and a good time.

In case you’re wondering how to do a fall beer tasting, this is how we rolled: Each person sips or guzzles one of the fall beers, followed by writing a short 1-2 sentence description of the beer. Each persons description is read aloud with comments abounding on whose description sounds the best. Then, an online or bottle description is read. In Apples to Apples style, we pick who has the most accurate description.  Best of 6 wins the prizes. In our case, we had a tie and thankfully I had purchased 2 prizes for the equal split, if you’re like me and think that a pumpkin and beer prize are equal:)

It a different, cozie, fall evening with friends. My next fall adventure…dessert night. Who’s in?

BTW…I think I had a dream that the Phillies had another shot, another game to play:( Sorry, Mike.

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