The Old Ebbitt Grill & Ristorante Tosca

Jeff and I went out for date night. We had cocktails at The Old Ebbitt and dinner at Ristorante Tosca.

I always get a Cranberry Vodka. I don’t know too much about cocktails. Suggestions for next time???

Ristorante Tosca is a really nice italian resturant in the city. It was expensive,  but the food and service was worth the cost. Now…about our delicious meal…

1. Our waiter was awesome! Not only was he the nicest person alive, but he listened to what we wanted, helped us attain it and excitedly and confidently asked us about each dish we tried.

2. What we wanted and got: We wanted to try a bunch of the dishes and share them. MANGA! wine, salad, wine, appetizer, wine, pasta, wine, entree, wine, dessert. AMAZING:) The waiter split the salad, app., entree, and dessert for us. I mean, beautifully two plate split the dishes (all per his suggestion for how to get the most and best dishes without overeating).

3. The waiter suggested we get our own pasta and then nibble from eachothers. Best decision I ever made. It was the best part of our meal and I was glad to have a lot of it:)  Below was my pasta dish:

Ravioli di spinaci ripieni di vitello, prosciutto e mortadella con il sugo d’arrosto al burro, salvia e Parmigiano
Spinach ravioli filled with roasted veal, prosciutto and pistachio mortadella with a red wine reduction, butter, fresh sage and Parmesan cheese

This dish was heavenly, specifically the homemade spinach ravioli but I must say that I liked Jeff’s dishslightly better and according to our waiter, most women do. Interesting. It was Tortelli filled with Robiola cheese and black truffle served with a Porcini mushroom sauce and leeks. The robiola cheese in the tortelli was so silky unlike typical cheese stuffed pastas. Tortelli, by the way, is larger tortelini. The sauce was devine. It brought out the best part of mushrooms; it was rich and creamy. If you work downtown, I would recommend getting this dish for lunch. So good. I guess I will have to try and recreate this dish at home.

Btw…this is the only good italian I’ve had in the DC area. If you have any suggestions for other good italian resturants in the area, please share by commenting!


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