Local Butcher & Coconut Cupcakes

I always thought it would be fun to pick out my meat from a local butcher. To my surprise, they’re a few Washingtonian (thank you, Nanna) reviewed local butcher shops within 5 miles of my house! I went to the first place, The Butcher Shop, located on Kings Street in Old Town Alexandria. I should have known better than to go there simply from looking at the address, but I aimlessly went. The shop was awful and when I mean awful, I mean I embarrassedly went in, looked at the 7 pieces of fatless meat lying in the showcase, was asked if I wanted anything, replied no thank you, and left like a poor college student.

Feeling emptyhanded, I walked further down King Street and found the ever so popular cupcake shop. Always in need of dessert, I exchanged my meat buying trip for a cupcake buying trip and purchased a coconut cupcake.

While, it satisfied my sweet tooth for the evening, it still disappointed me as most cupcake shops do:( Homemade, sloppy cupcakes are way better than the perfectly squeezed frosting topped dry shop cupcakes.


However, if you’re interested in trying a GOOD coconut cupcake, check out the following link to Ina Garten’s coconute cupcake recipe. It is heavenly and homemade. I make mine with toasted coconuts on top!



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